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gesture control with virtual mouse joy stick, snapzones and shortcuts

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  • gesture control with virtual mouse joy stick, snapzones and shortcuts


    I am trying to imitate the gesture controls from Logi Options(+) with reWASD.
    It works as follows: "To perform a gesture, hold down the Gesture button and then move the mouse up or down, left or right."
    Each direction can be paired with any button to map to a Key/Function.

    I tried the following:
    1. Use virtual joy stick on mouse with a custom step function as Reaktion
    2. Assign F21-F24 to Snapzones in four directions (Zone Shape set to minimum)
    3. Use Shortcuts F2X+Mouse Button (e.g. MMB) to map to desired outcome.

    The Problem:
    1. & 2. Work like a charm, but 3. does not.
    After fiddling with settings, I guess it is because shortcuts only allow inputs to be native, and not remapped values.
    Is this true? Is there any way to circumvent this?

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    reWASD does not remap its own already remapped inputs. So you would have to remap the zones to what you want them to do instead of using "in-between mappings".


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      Yeah, but that would mean that the controls would constantly trigger when moving the mouse.
      Though I would like it only to be the case iff also another button is pressed, as to control when "gestures" trigger.
      It would also allow to do different remaps with different Buttons (e.g. X1, X2), potentially quadrupling every button.

      Is something like this possible to do with reWASP? I mean the building blocks are already there..


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        It's easy to achieve with Shift Layers.

        All you need to do is to assign X1 as a move to Shift Layer. and choose the Hold mode. Then add the mapping to the zone in this Layer. So, while you hold X1 button, you will be going to the Layer where you have the mapping to the Zone. Once you release X1 button, the Zone mappings don't work as you go back to the Layer where is not the Zone mapping.

        I guess I was clear


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          That works like a charm, Thanks!

          I guess it is not possible to Mute the virtual stick and only use the Snap Zones?


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            Nope. This option doesn't work this way