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Touchpad behavior on DualSense

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  • Touchpad behavior on DualSense

    Finally pulled the trigger on DualSense ... could have gotten so many games on Steam for that lol ... but its worth it compared to what I had before

    Try to remap DS touchpad to mouse ... everything feels natural ... except tap mapping

    Feels unnatural:

    * if map mouse click to Single Press ... if i touch touchpad to move mouse ... ReWASD registers it as I hold mouse, then release mouse when i finish moving (in effect holding mouse button while moving mouse - dragging mouse)

    * if i do it as combo with execute at once ... once i touch touchpad - it registers as mouse click ... also not good - if cursor over button and i want to move mouse away ... simply touching touchpad maps as mouse click

    * other options dont improve much too

    In my opinion ... once tap is identified (finger make contact and immediately releases) ... ReWASD should register it as tap - no mouse movement should be applied (otherwise cursor can wonder around and miss click point).

    If its not a tap ... then movement of finger can be interpreted as mouse movement.

    I believe this is how touchpad on computer worked ... if i remember correctly, on PC to achieve dragging - you needed to click touchpad, hold it in click position and move your finger (which can be done on REWASD now easily)

    I reread the post ... and even to me its a bit confusing ... but atm, I cannot think of better way to put it ... hopefully, you will get what i mean

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    I think I understand what you mean. But this is how it works according to simple logic.

    If you remap a touchpad to a mouse in analog mode, then any touch to the touchpad will be a mouse movement (even a micromotion), and if you assign a mouse click to a tap in parallel, then it will not be possible to isolate this click from the mouse movement.‚Äč


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      Dont get me wrong ... what you have now is useful/desirable in some situation

      I am just considering case of using DualSense touchpad as pure mouse for desktop. Yes, one can ignore tapping ... and use touchpad click instead to map mouse button. But tapping is more convenient/faster. Obviously its not for everybody (on my iMac - this is an option in settings).

      Never paid attention on how it worked on iMac as it felt intuitive and natural. But if one enables tap as click in iMac settings, tapping produces mouse click without moving cursor.

      Just a suggestion: have an option in tapping Single Press/Double Press/Tripple Press where to act only as mouse click (no mouse movement) with setting for how quick in ms the tap must be to mute mouse movement:

      1. if tapping happen within ms timing - consider it tap - trigger mapping and ignore mouse movement
      2. if tapping happen longer - consider it as mouse movement without any mapping

      I am not Apple lover ... quite opposite ...but have to give it to them - they do design intuitive interfaces ... and there touchpad is one of them. Hope to reproduce it with DualSense touchpad ... then map touchpad press to on screen keyboard ... and I can navigate my PC with just DualSense


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        As explain earlier ... simple mapping of touch to mouse button is not "right", IF you intend to use touchpad as mouse with tap as mouse button (if you use touchpad click as mouse button, then its not a problem ... but personally, I prefer tap as mouse button)

        * if you set tap's "single press" as mouse button - when you move finger on touchpad, it will be mouse drag (try to move mouse away from window's title bar ... it will drag window around)

        * if you set tap's "start press" as mouse button - your touch to touchpad produces immediate mouse click (try to move mouse away from button without clicking it)

        * if you set tap's "release press" as mouse button - your release will produce mouse click (if you accidently release touchpad on top of some button - it will be pressed)

        For anybody looking for DualShock4/DualSence touchpad to behave like normal PC touchpad ... here is setup:

        1. in [settings] -> [press time] set "Long press time" to about 150ms
        2. do not map touchpad to mouse in main Layer
        3. set "Single Press" for tap to "Left mouse button"
        4. set "Long press" to jump to another Layer on "Hold" mode
        5. In another Layer map touchpad to "Analog mode" and set "Touchpad to Mouse"
        6. Dont map tap in another layer to anything (other than automatically generate jump to main layer on tap release)

        Now ... if you tap ... no mouse movement happens

        If you put your finger on touchpad ... after 150ms (i find it to be sweet spot ... but you can adjust it to your liking) it will act as mouse ... for me personally, 150ms seems responsive enough - without accidently causing mouse to move during tapping

        The downside ...
        * you waste one layer on just this function
        * you sacrifice "Long Press time" setting (150ms is hardly long press)

        But if you dont mind these two ... it works fine

        Suggestion for ReWASD ... have setting in "Touchpad to Mouse" ... something like "Delay before mapping to mouse"


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          Thank you for the detailed clarification of the suggestion.

          I guess the development team will take a look at it.


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            This will make your mouse laggy though. I think more practical solution would be to tap with 2nd finger to emulate mouse clicks.


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              It does make it laggy ... time from putting finger down to actual mouse movement (if you intend to move mouse) ... i find 150ms is ideal for me (lag not so noticeable) ... can go down to 100ms ... but lower is troublesome, as missing tap likely result in pointer movement.

              This is not for competitive gaming or gaming at all ... it just a mean to have mouse to interact with desktop or options/settings in game (freeing controls like stick for other things) ... ie like mouse pad on iMac.

              Even if there was solution to somehow make tapping and mouse work perfectly, i don't think it will be useful for gaming - as location of pad is too darn uncomfortable to use for long time.

              Regarding 2nd finger tapping ... i dont think there is option for that at the moment ... and even if there were, i likely map two finger tap to second mouse button ... just lime mouse pad on iMac