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Latency with Flydigi Apex 2, both wireless and wired

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  • Latency with Flydigi Apex 2, both wireless and wired

    (I'm not sure if Latency is actually the right word for this, so correct me if I'm wrong)

    I've been having some odd behavior with using my Flydigi Apex 2 with reWASD. It worked fine the first few days of receiving the controller, but after about 3 days I noticed I would get a lot of latency in games, where I would hold a direction on the left stick, and after letting go it would continue holding that direction for a second or two, that kind of thing. I figured this was due to the controller being used wirelessly, so I plugged it in with a USB-C cable. To my surprise, the issues I had continued even then. Anyone know what could be causing this, or if it could be fixed? Is there something I can do to provide more information to hopefully solve this?

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    Hey there!

    Could you clarify if this controller behavior is only inside the game?

    Please check if you have this problem in the tester:‚Äč


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      I think it happens outside the game as well, never thought to test.

      I haven't had the problem in the tester, but I should probably mention it isn't a constant problem. It usually happens every now and then, but enough to be annoying. It seems to only start having problems when it's remapped.

      I also wanted to mention I just now realized this isn't much of a reWASD problem, I think so I don't think the topic belongs here, sorry about that, wasn't thinking.
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