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  • Push to talk mapping

    I'm using rewasd (latest version) to emulate controller with k&m for WZ 2.0
    My target is to use the in-game "push to talk feature" that was working great on k&m and assigned to a single key. Now, when I've mapped k&m to a joypad emulation, there is no way I can push button on my keyboard to talk. Any solution about this one, or have I missed anything during mapping ?

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    If you are emulating a virtual controller, then you need to look in the game settings for which controller layout button is responsible for the push-to-talk action and make sure that your reWASD config has a keyboard mapping that emulates this gamepad action.


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      Resolved, thanks.
      It's great that you can map keyboard button to a keyboard button while emulating controller. That way everything works as expected.