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Can I play Xbox and PS5 separately using Rewasd through my keyboard?

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  • Can I play Xbox and PS5 separately using Rewasd through my keyboard?

    Hi there,

    I have had great success playing my PS5 using rewasd but I am now wanting to play my Xbox but I'm having much difficulty trying to set this up separately.

    When I press the spacebar on my keyboard it actually turns rewasd on and off reverting it to its native behaviour. (Frustrating but helpful at the same time)

    I am now wanting to set up my Xbox but I'm having great difficulty.

    Can someone help?

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    Please provide more details on your setup.

    So far, we understand that you have two consoles, PS5 and Xbox One, and you want to emulate DS4 for one and Xbox One for another using your keyboard.

    At this point, we suggest using the [Slots] feature, having two configs applied to two different slots, and switching between them manually when needed.
    We also have to mention that you would need the ESP32-S2 adapter to remap directly to an Xbox console.

    If you are remapping for a PS/Xbox Remote Play apps running on your PC, you can use the [Autodetect] feature instead.


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      Hey mate,

      Super appreciative for the reply!

      I've applied the Xbox configurations to slot 2. I'm unable to use the Xbox using rewasd, is this because I need to connect the Xbox controller to my PC?


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        Yes. A physical Xbox controller is required for authorization when remapping directly to the console.


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          I've applied the Xbox to slot 2 but it's now kicked me out of my PlayStation remote play. I then deleted the Xbox configuration so that it's only my PlayStation remote play config, how can I jump between slots without it reverting me to the previous config?


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            Unfortunately, I don't quite understand what you mean.

            When you switch between slots, the config that you have selected on the switched slot is activated.
            In order for PS Remote Play to work correctly, you need to choose a virtual DS4 in the configs used on the slots.


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              Slots do not work in parallel - only one at time. If you switch to other slot then virtual controller on other slot will disappear automatically by design.
              So you can have either virtual DS4 (for Remote Play) or virtual Xbox One (for Xbox console via ESP32-S2 adapter), depending on slot selected. But not both at the same time.


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                So, can I not connect my Xbox remote via normal USB cable?



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                  No. You can only connect using the methods mentioned above.