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Automatic Profile Switching Between Devices

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  • Automatic Profile Switching Between Devices

    I am currently trying to make different Rewasd profiles for different devices but automatic profile switching won't allow this.

    My ideal scenario would be that I had a device for example "Xbox Elite Controller" that has profiles for a mouse and keyboard for a desktop, a native gamepad for Steam, and a virtual gamepad for Geforce Now.

    - I can make a Profile "Xbox Elite" that has Configs "Native Gamepad" and "Gamestreaming" under it.
    - I Can apply each of these configs to a Slot 1-3 which I can manually change

    So far everything is good but when I create a new Profile for "Rog Ally" that has similar configs for desktop use, native gamepad, and virtual gamepad, I can't assign these configs automatically to change with the according app as Rewasd gives an error that "Desktop" profile is already detecting this app.

    Is Rewasd designed to assign only each Profile and not each Config to be automatically changing with Auto Detect apps?