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telling me to buy rapid fire

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  • 1ncorrect
    Perhaps in this layer switching mapping the jumping to shift mode is set to Toggle. Without the Rapid Fire feature this mode will not work.
    If you are creating a new mapping to switch a layer, make sure the Hold mode is selected.‚Äč

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  • spoopeyman
    started a topic telling me to buy rapid fire

    telling me to buy rapid fire

    So I made a new config and I don't even remember using the trial for rapid fire, however, it seems it is somewhere in this config, or maybe it's a glitch, I have a button set to shift to a shift layer, and I want to set another button to also switch to the same shift layer, however, when I try to set it up when I click on the shift layer box it tells me to purchase rapid fire. If I clear the first button and go to do it again it does the same thing. Seems like a glitch of some sort.