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Is this possible in the remap windows?

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  • Is this possible in the remap windows?

    Situation: I'm working on getting my new Azeron Cyborg set up in ReWASD, right now building out a few basic profile templates for most common situations. I'm in the profile building screen, I click on a key to bring up the remap dialog.

    With the remap dialog open, I've noticed that any key I press on my normal keyboard is automatically assigned to the key I have open. Is it possible to have that not happen? I would prefer my keys to only get remapped when I very specifically click on that "reWASD mapping" drop-down and select the mapping manually. I looked through the settings menus but could not find a way to turn this off.

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    Button hooks can only be disabled for controller buttons. You cannot disable auto-selection of a pressed keyboard button as a mapping.
    Perhaps in the future we will add a separate function so that this can be disabled.

    You can temporarily enable Read-only mode so as not to accidentally damage the config.​
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      Thanks for the info. Yeah I already make heavy use of the Read-only mode while gaming, it's come in handy. If a toggle to disable auto-selection of keys could be added for future enhancement consideration I'd be grateful. Thanks again!