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Reapplying already active config

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  • Reapplying already active config


    i have an app associated with a config,which is currently active
    i tab away (config is not removed because of the option thingy) and then tab pack into the app
    then the config gets reapplied.

    the problem with this is it cancels combos or releaes key

    the 2 things, where i encounter this is, are:

    1. i have LAlt on single press and tab on start press, which comfortably lets you browse through the windows with arrow keys, except it doesnt work , because i go from windo to explorer which reaplies the config and instantly release the LAlt button.

    2. i use combo with break for ctrl+c and then ctrl+v, problem is this also gets canceled if i tab around

    i only have my default profile on autodetect with explorer.exe
    windows 10 btw


    is there a way to prevent this from happening?

    thanks in advance

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    Unfortunately, there is not.

    We suggest applying this config manually or to another [Slot] and switching to it when needed instead of using the [Autodetect] feature.


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      sad but thank you