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moving in game feels choppy and laggy

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  • moving in game feels choppy and laggy


    So i bought a config from a YouTuber for Apex Legends and decided to put it in rewasd after following the instructions provided with the config. When moving in game it feels choppy and feels like some of my inputs do something else completely and sometimes keys press twice when i only press it once.

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    Hey there!

    1. We do not recommend purchasing configs, since our community has many free configs.
    2. Please send us a screenshot of the full reWASD window with your mappings.


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      What do you mean with "full rewasd window with your mappings"


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        This means that all elements of the reWASD interface should be included in the screenshot.
        The first screenshot should show your keyboard mappings from the “Keyboard” subconfig, and the second screenshot should show your mouse mappings from the “Mouse” subconfig.

        Thanks in advance.​


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          okay i hope this is what u mean


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            Double input in the game is caused by the fact that you do not have Mute enabled on your keyboard mappings.
            Because of this, moving on WASD can also look strange.​


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              So how do i enable that? and where do i do it


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                My previous answer contains a hyperlink to the related article.
                Click image for larger version

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                  Do i do that for every single keyboard keybind? & mouse aswell?


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                    so i just did it for every bind but moving still feels off


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                      Yes. The mute feature should be applied to each of your mappings to prevent double input in the game.

                      It should be noted that sticks do not work like mouse does. To turn the character from side to side quickly, you need to hold the stick for some time at the maximum point of deflection. Which, in the case of mapping the stick to a physical mouse, is equal to slowly, but consistently, moving it in a certain direction.

                      Please check out this video; we explain all the settings you can change (both in-game and in reWASD), and show how exactly the mouse remapped to a stick is different from the regular mouse.

                      Also, here's the post where we describe all the settings that you can change to make mouse movement better.