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Why are game specific changes affecting Windows?

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  • Why are game specific changes affecting Windows?


    So im playing cyberpunk - i've applied kb changes automatically to the exe.

    Ive quit the game, but my changes are affecting windows. Why/How - Is that expected?

    Also regarding the button remap - there is a very noticeable lag when pressing E. I have not muted native behavior. The only remap ive done is a double tap, so why is the native function lagging?


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    reWASD does not work like Steam Input, which technically injects into games. It remaps your devices on a system-wide scale, so this behavior is normal.
    You can enable the [Autodetect] feature, so reWASD would disable remap once you switch to another app.

    When a single key/button has [Hold/Double/Tripple Press] activators set for it, the [Single Press] activator will have a delay before firing.
    This delay is required to select what activator should fire when the key/button is pressed. You can change this delay at [Preferences > Press Time].

    If you need the key/button to always produce some input, use the [Start Press] activator instead.