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  • Config overwritten

    Specific game profile overwrite my default profile/config, saved on same gamepad slot.

    I have a default profile "Xbox Elite 2", which have no app associations and 4 configurations (1 for each gamepad slot).
    The main configuration I usually use is the one saved on slot 1.
    Then I created a different profile "Starfield" for that specific game, which has a single configuration for slot 1. The game autodetection works well.

    The problem is that when I minimize/close the game, and ReWASD try to swap back the active profile to the default one, the main configuration seems not to be saved on slot 1 anymore (the GUI shows that slot just empty, unassociated) and the software choose to swap to the slot 2 configuration instead, even if I never changed the slot on the gamepad.

    Preference > Tray Agent > Remove applied config from slot on exit from the associated app option is checked. I tried to uncheck it but when I close the game, the associated profile/config doesn't swap to anything else at all, as intended.

    I tried to associate explorer.exe process to the default profile, both with Radar on/off on the main config on slot 1, but it seems it doesn't change this wierd behavior at all.

    What's my mistake in here?

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    I kindly ask you to record a video where this behavior will be captured.

    It is a little bit complicated to recognize the issue based only on the text


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      Here is a screen capture: look at the overlay notifications on the bottom right, the profile/config change correctly until the end where slot 1 of default profile get lost.

      Here details on both profiles I'm using for this example.
      Default profile, with 4 configurations, 1 per gamepad slot Game profile, with a single configuration on the first slot
      Click image for larger version  Name:	Senza titolo.jpg Views:	9 Size:	21.7 KB ID:	240662 Click image for larger version  Name:	Snipaste_2023-12-26_18-28-03.png Views:	9 Size:	15.0 KB ID:	240663
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        Thanks for the info provided.
        We will test this behavior from our side and get back to you as soon as possible.


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          Is there any chance works on in already started?


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            Hi. This behavior is due to the logic of reWASD. However, thanks for the suggestion. We can't promise anything, but we'll discuss it with the team.


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              I don't understand the logic of it but I can't do more than accept your answer.
              I'll just let the program wipe the first slot of my main profile everytime it switch to a game specific one.
              When ReWASD find an empty slot, it actually switch to the next configured one on its own, so I can work around on it a bit for now...
              Thanks anyway


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                reWASD provides up to 4 slots (if the Slots feature is activated) for every device or group of devices. A single config can be applied to any of those slots and you can switch between them via shortcuts you can set at [Preferences > Slots] or via the [Profile] button on your Xbox Elite 2 controller. It is impossible to have two configs applied to the same slot, so the one applied last will replace the previous one.

                If you want to have the "Default" config persist on that slot, you have to enable the [Autodetect] feature for that config and add all common apps to its associated apps list. [explorer.exe] alone might not be enough. We also suggest adding the [searchui.exe], as that is the process showing the Windows Start Menu.


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                  Slots are the phisical slot memories of the gamepad, there are 4, that's fine.

                  Originally Posted by Support Agent View Post
                  reWASD provides up to 4 slots [...] for every device or group of devices
                  Does it mean I can't oversize those 4 configurations even combining different profiles? I though I could have 4 config each profile, not just 4 config in total for a single gamepad.
                  If I had more than 4 games, and I do , would I have always to delete an old setup to add a new autodetection for the next one?

                  I know I can do workarounds with overlays in shift mode to have multiple setup on the same slot/config, and I'm already doing it to reduce in a single slot/config what I use to have in my whole main profile, but I still won't be able to take advantage of game profile autodetection if I always have to create/destroy configs each time I install a new game... Not every game needs a different configuration, but many of them needs one, and sometimes I even need many config for a single game!

                  As a last resort, is there any way to batch on autodetection, not just to apply configs but to restore the one that disappear every time?

                  I hope I was clear.​​


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                    The number of profiles and configs does not have a hard limit. However, only 4 configs can be applied for a single device or group of devices at a time.

                    The associated apps list is bound to a profile, so [Autodetect] works on a per-profile basis and allows you to apply up to 4 configs based on the app currently focused.

                    In your case, having a "Default" profile for [explorer.exe] and [searchui.exe] with the "Remove applied config from the slot on exit from the associated app" option disabled and a unique profile per every game or other app should be enough (you will have to open Start Menu or focus the Desktop to trigger the Default config). There is no need to "destroy" anything. Just make sure you add proper executables to the associated apps list for every game profile and enable [Autodetect] for the configs in it. The Tray Agent will do the rest.


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                      I think I'm starting understanding what I was missing.

                      Autodetect doesn't swap profiles, it just "apply a config" > "belonging to the detected profile" > "to a single slot", right? In fact its possible to have different slots with mixed profiles! And this just blew my mind!!!

                      Profile autodetect is not really on profile basis, it doesn't have a setup for each slot, but it works just on which config apply to a single slot, right? And then you'll probably be able to set each slot independently, even with different profile autodetections, which of course can't really happen at the same time for autodetection nature itself...
                      Profiles did really confuse me A LOT! They are not real containers as I supposed, but just kind of extra labels... At this point, they seems redundant to me, configs could be directly autodetected on slot basis just like now. Are profile made just for sorting configs?

                      This is what I though I was doing, switching between my default profile and the game profile:
                      Profile X > Slot 0 > Config A
                      Profile X > Slot 1 > Config B
                      Profile X > Slot 2 > Config C
                      Profile X > Slot 3 > Config D

                      Profile Y > Slot 0 > Config 1
                      Profile Y > Slot 1 > null
                      Profile Y > Slot 2 > null
                      Profile Y > Slot 3 > null

                      But its more like:Slot<-->profile
                      Slot 0 > Profile X > Config A
                      Slot 1 > Profile X > Config B
                      Slot 2 > Profile X > Config C
                      Slot 3 > Profile X > Config D

                      After autodetect:​
                      Slot 0 > Profile Y > Config 1
                      Slot 1 > Profile X > Config B
                      Slot 2 > Profile X > Config C
                      Slot 3 > Profile X > Config D​

                      And then, after closing game:
                      Slot 0 > null
                      Slot 1 > Profile X > Config B
                      Slot 2 > Profile X > Config C
                      Slot 3 > Profile X > Config D​​

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                        Yes, everything is correct.

                        The profile is an element that contains configs; usually, one profile is created for one game. When using Autodetect, you assign Process names to the game Profile specifically. In terms of the file system, Profile is a folder.

                        Config is the element that contains all the mappings and layout modifications you add. In terms of the file system, Config is a file with *.rewasd extension.

                        More information can be found by following the link.