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Autodetect Behavior When Switching Focus

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  • Autodetect Behavior When Switching Focus

    Hello, I'm trying to integrate REWASD with a front end software (Hyperspin / Rocketlauncher).I need remap to be active before a specific game launches and to be inactive when the game closes. I can achieve the first half by using autodetect and running a dummy gui prior to startup, but the problem that I run into is that when the focus changes from the GUI to the game, then the mapping drops out momentarily? Is that normal behavior (I have the gui and the game both listed in the autodetect programs)? It causes issues with initialization when it drops out momentarily. Alternatively I can set REWASD so that the mappings don't turn off when focus is lost. But then I have the issue where I can't get the remap to turn off when the game shuts down.

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    This is normal Autodetect behavior. Even if you switch from one associated app to another, the window's focus is lost for a moment and appears again in another application. Therefore, the config will be turned off for a split second.