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  • Button replace in combos

    When making a combo for a fighting game, I will create a combo assuming my character is facing to the right, and the input might be down, down-right, right for example, which works perfectly, then I want to translate that combo for if my character is facing left...

    Currently, i'm having to go to the end of the combo, create an input for the opposite direction, then drag the "left" inputs next to the "right" ones above in the combo, then delete the "right" directional inputs.

    However, there seem's to be a replace function, that I'm not sure i'm using correctly... I've tried creating an opposite directional input, copying both parts (the press down and lift up for the "right" input for example) then right clicking on a directional input in the combo and pressing "replace". The problem is this seems to delete the existing directional input correctly, but then just shunt the input i'm trying to replace with to the beginning of the combo.

    Sorry this is a bit long winded, hoping someone might know what i'm doing wrong with the replace function, or if there's perhaps an easier way to replace directional inputs with the opposite direction.

    Thanks in advance!


    TLDR: Wanna replace left with right in a combo, replace puts it at the start of the combo.

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    The replace option works in the following way. You copy the combo or part of the combo and replace it with the chosen nodes. Please ensure that you clicked on the needed nodes.


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      Hi there, appreciate the response thanks! Replace works normally as you've said, I think i've figured out the issue, it's when there's a pause between the button being pressed and lifted please see attached video.

      Is there any way around this that we know of?




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        Try simply selecting the nodes you need and dragging them to the desired position instead of using the "replace" command.