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Is there anyone to config the Rewasd in my PC remotely?

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  • Miron4ik42
    I would like you to please note that reWASD does not provide aim assist for mouse and keyboard. It is provided by games for controller users only.

    To remap your mouse and keyboard to a virtual controller, do the following:
    - Make sure you have the [Advanced mapping] feature enabled, as it is required to remap the mouse to a stick of our virtual controller.
    - If necessary, initialize your devices. You can use [[Device detection] to know who is who if device names don't state that clearly.
    - Group up your keyboard and mouse devices. In case of problems check [case #24 here]
    - Look for the fitting config at our [Community page here] and import it into reWASD, or make one yourself, if none of the configs will work for you. Take [PS4 Remote Play] config as an example.
    - Make sure that a button to "unlock" the mouse and keyboard is set up in the config. In most configs [LWin] or [Home] key is used by default. If it is not, check [this article]on how to set it up.
    - Hit the [Apply] button. Your mouse will "freeze". Use the "unlock" key from previous step to unlock the mouse and start the game. Then "freeze" the mouse back and you should be ready to go.
    In case of emergency, you can use the [CTRL+ALT+DEL] shortcut to disable remap entirely.​

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  • Is there anyone to config the Rewasd in my PC remotely?

    I’m having issues. I tried a few times but couldn’t make it work. I’ve watched videos about how to have aim assist using MK but I can’t make it work.