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Does ReWASD detectable by game anti cheat ?

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  • Miron4ik42
    reWASD is not a cheat, but we cannot guarantee 100% protection against bans, since the excessive use of some features, namely Rapid Fire and Key Combo, may be regarded by other players as a dishonest game, and of course provoke complaints against you. We have not received a single proof that players were banned for using reWASD.

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  • newguyhere
    started a topic Does ReWASD detectable by game anti cheat ?

    Does ReWASD detectable by game anti cheat ?

    Hi im new here, i literally just found out this software 2 hours ago.

    so basically i know there were another thing similar to rewasd like xim apex or chronus zen but this one is quite cheaper.
    so i have question, im kinda computer guy .

    if im not mistaken the game cannot detect rewasd because this software doesnot make any change to the game integrity file. so the anti cheat cannot detect it.

    but im just wondering if there is other way to detect it ? i mean anything other than using rapid fire or macro setting like that ( this obviously detecatable the game could just detect the time between click ).