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Acceleration of mouse speed during movement

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  • Acceleration of mouse speed during movement

    Hi there, I am using Rewasd to emulate controller, but like to have almost the same movement as with a mouse. I am quiet happy with my settings. There is only one issue where I am struggling. The "look around" movement on the right stick is mapped to the mouse. When I am moving my mouse in any direction, the turn gets faster and faster. I would like to have the same speed anytime, and not having this stick behaviour, that it get's faster all the time as longer I am heading a direction. With this setting I am constantly missing doors, stairs or I am doing a 360 instead of a 180 ... I played around with the response curve and other settings, but it just changed other things. The acceleration stayed. I also tried some game settings, but I didn't found any properiate settings in COD for that. Any ideas?

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    reWASD does not apply any kind of acceleration to a mouse or virtual controller stick. [Response Curve] is the only option that can affect the relation between the two.

    The acceleration most likely comes from the game's controller settings, so you should definitely check those.

    By the way, you should remove that [LWin] zone mapping, as it would otherwise bring up the Windows Start Menu every time you move the mouse fast.