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Radial Menu wierdness with two or more connected Mice

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  • Radial Menu wierdness with two or more connected Mice

    I'm playing Conan Exiles with a profile that combines an Azeron Cyborg and three mice (I have my reasons which are too long to explain). In almost every situation this works wonderfully, and I can switch between the mice as needed with zero issues. I've today been noticing that if I have two or more mice connected to the PC at the same time, whenever I open the Radial Menu, one of the options is already highlighted. I can then select another one as normal, no problem there. It's just an odd observation, and the default selection seems to be different based on which specific mice are connected at any one time. Each one by itself, no default highlight on the radial. Add a second, and there it is. Seems to always be either the top-left, or the bottom-right.

    Again, it's not really a problem as it doesn't break the function in the slightest, but probably worth looking into.

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    We'll investigate this.

    For now, if you want to control the [Radial Menu] with only one mouse, which should mitigate this issue, you will have to add two more [Mouse] sub-configs and leave their mappings empty on the [Radial Menu] layer.

    Note: The same-type sub-configs are applied according to the order of same-type devices in the group.