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  • Gamecube Controller Adapter

    Can someone tell me what the hell this even means? On the supported devices page it says "Make sure to find the wup-28 driver in Device manager and replace to USB input device from the list of available drivers.​"
    Literally nowhere in device manager is there an option to replace drivers. None of the top buttons, right clicking has no option, properties there's no option. What am I doing wrong?????

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    Once you open any device in Windows Device Manager you can upgrade its driver via the [Update Driver] button on the [Driver] tab.
    In this case, you are required to "update" the WUP-28 device with the default "USB input device" driver from Microsoft.


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      Ok I got it now, thank you, but this just makes the controller not vibrate anymore. What's wrong with PC mode in the first place?


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        I'm afraid I don't understand your question.


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          Now that I have it in Wii U mode, the controller no longer vibrates like it did when I was playing in PC mode. What's the point in using Wii U mode?


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            As this article states, the PC mode has some limitations that do not permit the use of all functions of the GameCube gamepad.
            Unfortunately, I don't have any details or a list of functions implied there.

            If you feel that it works better in PC mode, then feel free to keep it that way.


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              Ok. I got it. Thanks.