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Ready or Not Elite 2 bindings - a few new questions

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  • Ready or Not Elite 2 bindings - a few new questions

    Yo my reWASD saviors, I need a Maestro!

    Thanks for the assistance in my original question, I was able to rebind the paddles to what I wanted. Upper Right paddle to left mouse click, lower left and right to Q and E(Lean Left/Right), worked in game.
    So I went ahead and bought the full package. WOW! Tons of features.

    I am running into some problems that are strange with the bindings. Some rebinds function, others don't. For example, changing X to the Right directional pad will change the rate of fire, however changing down on directional pad to draw secondary, 2 on the keyboard does not draw pistol in the game. I cant get the RB and LB to associate with toggle walk, toggle crouch, but I can bind low ready to A, and I can change the interact/yell for compliance to Y button on controller.

    Walking and looking work great, I am going to use Voiceattack to command the ai, I really am intending on using the controller for controlling my character... I just figured out what the radial menu was and have set it up for all the items bound to 3-9 on the keyboard, but I haven't been able to get past the first zone of the training mode of the game... haha, it says: Hold, "key" to steady aim while moving. I think it means to hold walk key, so I went ahead and bound it to the bumpers, alas I got the results above....

    With my brain injury and my limited brain functionality I am feeling lost at the moment. Not sure where to start, let me know what you think... thank you!

    My end desired setup would have all tools, special grenades, zipties, setup and working via radial menus.
    Having all movement related controls and shooting related controls, NVG engagement, melee, quick throw grendade, yell for compliance bound to the controller hopefully on one layer.

    I have been not setting up combo correctly, or short press long press to work. I feel like i missing something obvious. I figured to add that info above in case it would help. Again I appreciate any help to get this game working for me with the controller. Thanks for your attention and time.​​

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    It sounds like the game does not allow simultaneous input from the controller and keyboard. This means that if you are going to use the controller as is, you will have to use the controller scheme to play the game. I suggest checking in-game controls to determine the available actions and how they work since the logic will differ significantly from mouse and keyboard controls.

    However, there is an option to remap your controller to mouse and keyboard inputs. Check linked articles for details.