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Diffecrence Native vs. reWASD mapping in v7.1

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  • Diffecrence Native vs. reWASD mapping in v7.1


    Since version 7.1, reWASD mappings can be used without having to create a virtual gamepad. Isn't this somehow the same thing as native mappings, at least if I only want to map native key functions, or is there still a difference? I thought the advantage of native mappings was that no virtual gamepad has to be created, but with 7.1 this isn't needed for reWASD mappings as well. I'm confused.

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    Please note that it doesn't work this way that reWASD remaps the controller on the hardware level or something like that. A new method just allows applying configs to physical devices. It allows users to utilize their gamepad directly as an output device for remapping with reWASD mappings.

    Instead of hiding the physical controller and applying our virtual controller under it, a new method helps to use your physical controller as an output device.​


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      I understand that I need reWASD running to apply mapped buttons. There are two ways to remap a button, one beeing a "native mapping" and one being a "reWASD mapping". How do they differ, if they both apply to the physical gamepad instead of a virtual one? With a reWASD mapping I can assign e. g. Keyboard buttons, which is not possible for a native mapping for obvious reasons. My question is still the same. Let's assume i have a generic XBOX One Gamepad and do the following:

      I assign a native mapping on button A to act as if button B is pressed.

      How is this different from that:

      I assign a reWASD mapping on button A to act as if button B is pressed. I do this for the physical device.

      Edit: I did a screenshot to clarify what we are talking about:
      Click image for larger version  Name:	grafik.png Views:	0 Size:	555.1 KB ID:	241871

      How do the mappings for A and for B differ in this example? Note that the mapping is applied to the physical gamepad.
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        I will try to clear the air.

        When you choose the virtual Xbox controller, reWASD hides the physical controller, and the system sees our virtual controller.
        Click image for larger version

Name:	image.png
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ID:	241869
        If you choose a Physical device, the system won't hide the physical controller, and the virtual controller will work on behalf of your physical device.
        Click image for larger version

Name:	image.png
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ID:	241870

        The difference in the new method is that the remap will work on behalf of your physical gamepad. You can check out this link as well.​


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          Can you please check the screenshot i posted above, since i still don't get the difference of those mappings.


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            How does this:

            differ from this:

            if i don't use a virtual gamepad?​


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              Ah, I got it now, thank you! I am used to native mappings, since I don't use any advanced features like the ones you mentioned. In v7.0 only the remapped buttons were shown. Everything that was unchanged was hidden. With v7.1 as soon as I remap a button, all the other unchanged buttons are showing up as well. Is this change intentional and can I somehow get the old behaviour back?


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                It seems that there was a little misunderstanding.

                I was told that the difference between reWASD mappings and native mappings is that native mappings work independently of the activators. The reWASD mappings you can assign to the activators you wish.

                Click image for larger version

Name:	image.png
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ID:	241879Click image for larger version

Name:	image.png
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                  Ok, but still a native mapping does not require any emulation, while a reWASD mapping uses always an emulated device, indepentend of the device it is mapped to, virtual or physical, right? As for my other question, do you have any idea? Since v7.1 it is really hard to see what buttons have been remapped. If you use native mappings, the only indicator is a color change of the line, pointing to the re-mapped button. In This example, only the mappings for A, B, Y and X were changed. All other buttons are untouched:
                  Click image for larger version

Name:	grafik.png
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ID:	241884

                  In v7.0 the default mappings of those untouched buttons were not visible, which was way better for me. Now in v7.1, as you see, those mappings are shown as well, which makes it hard to see the actual changes.


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                    In reWASD 7.1, the native and virtual mappings require the availability of the physical output device. More detail and clear information will be added in our tutorial shortly.

                    Unfortunately, there is no way to customize the GUI and change the way how the mappings look.