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Question about key combos within shift layers

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  • Question about key combos within shift layers

    So I'm trying to have a button press execute a key combo within a shift layer and automatically go back to the main layer afterwards.

    I originally had the shift mode set to Hold, but obviously if I don't hold the button down long enough, the end of the combo executes in the main layer rather than the shift layer. I tried a bunch of different combinations with the Custom mode, but I haven't been able to get it to work properly. I also tried stuff like having the release press in the shift layer to have a delay before jump that was the same length in ms to the key combo, but it seemed to not execute the combo when I set it up that way.

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    I rechecked the option with a custom return to the main layer + delay before jump, and everything works correctly. The combo works and the layer changes according to the specified delay.

    Please send me the config you are using. Your configs are stored here: C:\Users\Public\Documents\reWASD\Profiles
    I need the correspondent *.rewasd file.‚Äč


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      So it seems I got it working as intended by adding longer delays in between the keys in the key combo. For whatever reason with the default delay of 10ms between keys only the first key from the key combo was registering in game when using the start press and end press activators with the toggle mode. It's strange because the same key combo would work in the default hold mode.


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        The 10ms pause may not always be registered by games. This is a very small delay, and for better performance of the configs I recommend increasing this value.