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Virtual XBox One controller not working

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  • Virtual XBox One controller not working

    I have an issue where assigning any controller as a virtual XBox One does not work. Oddly, setting it as an XBox 360 controller DOES work. This issue occurs across a variety of controllers and does not affect just one brand.

    What I observe:
    If I set my controller as a virtual XBox One the joy.cpl shows a Bluetooth Xinput bluetooth device. Once that appears my controller works where I can press buttons or press the "Xbox home" button and watch the Xbox menu pop up. After about 5-10 seconds it disappears from the joy.cpl screen and the controller quits working. What is odd is that the main controller I am trying to configure is connected via its own USB dongle and NOT via Bluetooth (in this case it is a Flydigi Vader 3). I have another controller that I do connect via bluetooth (8bitido SNES Pro) and that controller has the exact same issue.
    If I set the controller to Xbox 360 it works as expected and joy.cpl shows an Xbox 360 controller and that controller stays connected. Since no game is involved (It doesn't stay connected long enough) and this has happened across multiple controllers I'm starting to believe its the virtual driver used by Rewasd.

    Is there any way to test the virtual driver or reinstall it without reinstalling Rewasd itself? Side note: I have already done a full uninstall and re-install. I chose the option where everything was lost including the license and when I re-install I found the exact same issue.

    Any ideas as to what else might be wrong?

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    I assume that it is necessary to check your system on a third-party driver first.

    Please send me the file with system information. It doesn’t include any personal data but shows active processes, installed apps and drivers.
    1. Type ‘msinfo’ in Windows search
    2. Press Enter to open System Information tool
    3. Go to File -> Save
    4. Send the *.nfo file you get using this email. ​