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ReWASD does not recognize some keys

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  • ReWASD does not recognize some keys

    I got remote control for PC (basically 2.4ghz airmouse with keyboard ... see attached picture)

    It works fine and ReWASD recognizes device as keyboard/mouse combo.

    Several keys are not recognized though:

    1. color buttons at bottom (red, green, yellow, blue, TV) - that's fine as those are programmable keys specific for TV control

    2. Rewind, Fast Forward, Zoom +, Zoom -, Microphone

    I suspect those are specific to Android devices (as device is advertise as being able to connect to Android boxes)

    I was able to use those buttons using AutoHotkey with AHKHID_GetInputInfo(...) function:

    AHKHID - An AHK implementation of the HID functions - Scripts and Functions - AutoHotkey Community

    That function seems to directly access HID codes:

    Rewind Button (46082), Fast Forward Button (45826), Zoom+ button (142594), Zoom- button (142850), Microphone button (52994)​

    ReWASD cannot hook those buttons (can hook other standard button like App, WebSearch, WebHome, etc). Is there special setting that allows ReWASD to hook those buttons? Or manually enter scan codes?
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    Hey there!

    No, unfortunately, there is no special setting. Remapping these buttons is not available in reWASD.