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Independent joy-cons/gyros

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  • Independent joy-cons/gyros

    I've been trying to use ReWASD to map my two joy-cons to individual Switch Pro controllers, so that I can use them in some emulators (Ryujinx and others).
    In Ryujinx I'm using each Pro controller as Joy-con Left and Joy-con Right for the two players.

    It works good, however I have an issue with Joy-con Right, which seems to have a weird behaviour with the gyro.

    The thing here is that I believe there's no problem with the joy-con and I have both joy-cons with exactly the same mapping on ReWASD.

    However, I'm not sure if ReWASD uses the two gyros independently. Seems like it is messing up a bit with them.

    Did anyone experience the same thing? Is it even possible to have ReWASD doing what I'm trying to achieve?


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    Could you please specify what exactly you mean by "weird behavior" and how it differs from the Left Joy-con?

    Also, please send me the config you are using.
    Your configs are stored here: C:\Users\Public\Documents\reWASD\Profiles
    I need the correspondent *.rewasd file.


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      What I mean by weird behaviour is having the gyro from one of the joycons not working as expected. Seems it becomes less sensitive and some movements in some games are almost impossible.

      I tried using this tool to get data from the sensors ( and, although I still didn't spend that much time, it seems that in some occasions the gyro data from that joycon seems to be messed up with data from the other gyro from the other joycon. But I still need to do some further tests.

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        Can you take a video where this behavior will be captured? It allows us to see the difference and compare how it works on our side.


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          I was not yet able to record a video, but I believe you can easily reproduce it if you have a pair of joycons available.

          - Configure ReWASD to map each joycon to a Switch Pro controller
          - Use the application I mentioned above ( and do the following:
          * For each of the controllers, enable the gyroscope sensor data (keep them enabled for both, by checking the checkbox in the "sensors" area of the application)
          * Since usually the issue happens with the first controller (the one with lower ID), go back to that controller and start moving it a bit. You'll probably notice that the gyro indicators start acting a bit weird after some time. You may even move the other controller and check that it affects the gyro data of this first controller! At least it happened to me...
          * You may want to disable again the gyroscope of the second controller and check on whether the gyro of the first controller starts performing as expected again.


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            Got it
            I will try to reproduce it and get back to you with the results shortly


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              Hi, any findings?



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                My team tried to reproduce the issue and capture the difference in behavior using two different testers, including the one you provided. There is no difference in use. The behavior of both joycons is the same.

                I assume it might be better if you provided us with a video that captures all the steps you took and your issue.