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Auto remap on associated apps, currently conflicting with steam

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  • Auto remap on associated apps, currently conflicting with steam

    From what I understand reWASD has the ability to only remap controls when the associated app is running in windows.

    I use steam big picture in steam and Im finding despite having quit the game that my config is associated with Im finding that reWASD still has remapping active and stops me being able to control big picture mode using my controller until I manually go to my computer and use the mouse to turn off REWASD mapping

    Do you have a guide or some instructions tonhelp me set it up this way. Or is this not a function that reWASD has right now; for it to auto turn on when the specific .exe is running and when that app quits to auto turn off remapping?


    A frustrated steam gamer hoping for a solution

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    Please, go to the setting and check "Delete applied config on exit from the associated app". This option to disable the applied config if the associated app is currently out of focus. Here is screenshot where it applies.

    Click image for larger version

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