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Toggle Turbo on and off?

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  • Star-Lord

    Please create macros with virtual A button and add pause (50ms will be enough). Toggle it, like this -
    And don't forget to unmap the mapped D-pad.

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  • Hikari
    started a topic Toggle Turbo on and off?

    Toggle Turbo on and off?


    I have virtual controller enabled. I'm able to remap Dpad down into toggling A and Dpad left into turbo A.

    When I press Dpad down, A stays pressed and when I press Dpad down again, A is released. When I hold Dpad left, A keeps firing until I release Dpad left.

    But I can't find a way to toggling autofire. I'd like to press Dpad right and release it, and A keep autofiring until I press Dpad right again.

    I'm sure this feature isn't available by design intend, because when I check Turbo or Toggle the other option gets disabled. But I don't see why this isn't available to be done. Or is it and I'm missing it?