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  • Titan Skating Space Macro Destiny 2

    Tried to set it up through the application and it didnt push anything to my elite controller. had Space Down > Space Up (Delay 50ms) Space Down > Space Up as a one time executable thing with multiple loops to my A button and did not work at all. Am I doing something wrong?

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    The combo looks simple and should process. Did you try to unmap "A" button?
    Don't worry! Be Happy!


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      What do you mean by unmap the A button? It wouldn't even work in game with any mapping setup.


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        If you unmap the button, it won't work like "A", but according to your first post you don't need its native behavior but the keyboard combo. If you set a combo and unmap the button, the game will see only keyboard actions you need. To unmap, go to Gamepad mappings and choose "Unmapped" from the drop-down list.


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          I figured it out! I really wish I could keep it running while I hold it down instead of pressing it everytime.


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            Oh, I see. You need "Turbo" checkbox to do what you want and adjust the pause between press-release emulation.

            Follow these steps:
            Click image for larger version

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            1. Open "A" mapping panel, check Turbo option (1)
            2. Adjust the pause between emulates presses (2) - 50 ms as I understand from your previous message.
            3. Go to Gamepad mapping section (3) and choose "Unmapped" there: Click image for larger version

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            This way, while you press and hold A button, it fires A-A-...A.

            If you need Space to be working this way, just choose it in reWASD mapping section. Steps 2 and 3 are also required.


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              is there a way to map all of that but keep the xbox buttons besides a the same and the sticks movement the same as well?


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                  Titan Skating Space Macro Destiny 2

                  Open up the fallout.cfg file, find the line free_space=20480 and change it to free_space=0.

                  Youre set.