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Record macro from controller input, input delay

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  • Record macro from controller input, input delay


    Not sure if I'm doing something wrong, or if it just isn't a feature, but I'm trying to record a macro to put on a paddle, but the record function only works for keyboard commands, not controller input.

    I'd also like to set command delays that are below 10ms, which it won't let me.


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    You are not doing anything wrong. The record function does work for keyboard inputs only. To add the combo with controller inputs, just quit the record mode and use the controller buttons at the left bottom of the Combo Editor. Once you click a button there, it is added to the sequence. You will be able to rearrange the sequence using drag-n-drop, add breaks or pauses, etc.

    10 ms is the minimal delay reWASD lets use in combo. If you need a smaller one, it is better just do not add the delay at all. If you record the real keyboard or controller presses, you will notice that the minimal delay is more than 20 ms actually. The smaller one won't be detected neither in the system, nor in the game. Moreover, you won't be able to create such a delay physically, on the real device, and so reWASD doesn't let you create something like this.