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  • A Question About Combinations

    Hey there, first off i'd like to say thanks for such an amazing program. Tried the trial and i'm very happy with the software.

    I'll be purchasing the main license and the advanced mapping combo, but i'm also curious about the combination sequencer.
    I use an unusual setup with a mouse in my right hand for precision aiming, and a controller in my left hand for WASD, sprint, crouch, etc.
    I'm wondering if the following would be possible using a combo macro, and if so i'll most likely purchase that as well.

    What I want to have happen, is when I press the Right Mouse Button to Aim Down Sights in a game like Pubg, while also strafing left or right, by using Left Analog Stick (Simulated A/D) on the controller, I would like a third key be pressed automatically, those being Q or E for Lean left and Lean Right.
    So, RMB+A macros a Q until released,
    and, RMB+D macros an E until released.

    If there's a way to just have Q or E auto-pressed in their respective situations that would be great too. I'm just new to the depth of the software and what can be attained.

    Additionally, I'm wondering if this could possibly be achieved if Low/Med/High Radial Zones were split into 4 sections, which may be a simpler approach if implemented into a future build.
    For example let's say, Zone L-Stick High "on the left side" could be mapped to Q, and Zone L-Stick High "on the right side" mapped to E, rather than the entire High Zone Radial being mapped to one key.

    And if 4 sections is too many, then at least 2 sections dividing down the middle making a left and right hemisphere, which when used in conjunction with Elliptical zone shapes could provide a multitude of possibilities. Just a thought.

    Hope to hear from you on either front, Thanks so much

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    Thanks for the detailed message. Right now, reWASD allows you to use shortcuts of the controller buttons. So, if aiming is activated by some controller button, you may add Q and E for Stick moves. However, adding mouse activators to the shortcut is not possible yet. We are going to implement such a possibility in the future releases, but I can't promise you that it'll appear pretty soon. I will be happy to let you know once we are close to this release.

    As for divided zones, it's a very interesting and tricky thing. Could you please explain how do you want to use it and for which in-game actions? And yes, with Elliptic zone you can create 2 sections. Isn't that not enough?


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      Thanks for the reply.
      Alright so it can't yet be done via the Shortcut feature, that's okay.

      But could it be accomplished via the "Hold until Release" macro section found within the "Key Combo" menu?
      I simply don't know the proper format to create a macro, so I don't know how to begin experimenting with it.
      Could you provide an example of how this feature is properly used? Or am I interpreting the term "Key Combo" incorrectly?
      Using my previous example; RMB+A key (where "A" is the A key being input using the Left Analog Stick), this combo then macros a Q until either RMB or A is released.
      Would the following be image on the right track maybe?
      Click image for larger version

Name:	reWASDpic1.png
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Size:	5.3 KB
ID:	200002

      As to the other topic; I'll use another picture to illustrate my intent.
      Click image for larger version

Name:	reWASDpic2.jpg
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Size:	28.7 KB
ID:	200003

      Or for Elliptical Zones;
      Click image for larger version

Name:	reWASDpic3.jpg
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Size:	15.5 KB
ID:	200004

      Hope it all makes sense!


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        The combo you created is not the one you need. You need to press RMB + A to activate Q. So, the combo is "Q" here only, while the activator is a shortcut "RMB + A". Right now, shortcuts in reWASD support controller inputs only, so there is no way to achieve it in the current version. We are working on bringing mouse to shortcuts, no worries. But this feature won't appear in the next release unfortunately.

        As for the zones, I understand what do you want to do, I'm just curious, how are you going to use it? Why do you need separate mappings for zone+direction thing and how will it work in-game?


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          Alright, I'm looking forward to its addition when you implement it.

          With the zones, my desire is to automate the leaning process in any FPS that has a lean function. In the competitive scene of Pubg for example, most highly skilled players will often lean with Q or E while shooting at another player, in an effort to make their own head's "hitbox" more difficult to hit by whoever is shooting back at them. This is especially true in games that require conscious recoil control. Doing this is simply a way to create an advantage over the other player.

          It does however require much more effort to do than simply standing still and shooting; holding RMB, pulling down on the mouse to control the recoil, while simultaneously pressing Q/A to both strafe left and lean left, then alternating to the right, simultaneously pressing E/D, then going back and forth, all while adjusting your aim and recoil. It's a lot to manage, especially when you know the other shooter is highly skilled themselves.

          Thus, anyway to simplify this task and make it more efficient will aid in your overall advantage in a 1v1. If these zones were added, it would decrease your need to manipulate a total of 4 keys down to just 3, and when using the controller in your left hand, that's a major improvement. I currently use 2 keys on my mouse to lean left and right. I want to get away from this however because I've learned over time the more you try do with the hand manipulating the mouse, such as using your right thumb to hit extra keys, the more subtle variations you will have with your aim and recoil control. If the mouse moves even a hair left or right because you've pressed a side key while acquiring target and pulling down, the more your aim will be off, exponentially so as the distance between shooter and target increases. It's no different than trigger and breath control when firing a real weapon. The slightest inconsistency with trigger pull can have a vast effect on target down range. And so ideally it's best to be doing nothing but aiming and firing when using a mouse, but there's only so many buttons on the left side of the controller and this is my predicament. One might ask why not just commit to one or the other? For me left analog stick movement is superior over WASD, but there's no question mouse aiming is superior over analog, and the reason why I combine them.

          If this is going to be achievable using the shortcut feature once the mouse is added however, then there's really no need for any of this in my particular situation. It may have some other uses though that have yet to be thought of.
          I'll definitely be using the shortcut once it's added to the build.
          Thanks for talking with me about it!


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            Thanks for the details! Seems we have found a way how you can set the config you need up, I'll try to explain briefly.

            (!) Please note that reWASD doesn't know anything about your mouse now, so you still can't activate something special with the right mouse button click. You will need some other trigger on your controller to make it. It seems to me that the left bumper sounds good, so I've added it to my config as a Toggled Shift. To activate the layout for aiming, you need to press the bumper ones. To deactivate, press it again.

            So, first, we need to add the movements to the main configuration. I'm adding WASD to Stick and unmap it fully. Then, I go to Advanced setting and set Ctrl as a Low zone for this whole stick. Then, I go to Shortcuts (1) and create the one that will work for Up direction only (2) in the High zone only (3): W+LShift (Hold until release combo). So, once you move your stick to the edge while moving up, you character starts running forward. Once you move stick to other directions, we have nothing.

            Click image for larger version

Name:	cad545d1d4.jpg
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Size:	86.9 KB
ID:	200005

            Then, I go to Shift (1) and pick Left Bumper as a Shift modifier with Toggle (2). This button will switch Stick to the aiming mode. Inside the Shift, we also need to unmap the stick and set it to WASD.

            Click image for larger version

Name:	5287382527.jpg
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Size:	62.4 KB
ID:	200006

            The mappings themselves are added with Shortcuts too, there are pretty many of them:

            Click image for larger version

Name:	710e499224.jpg
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Size:	99.6 KB
ID:	200007

            As you may see, each shortcut made of stick zone and stick direction is mapped to the combo of keyboard keys (direction + your additional action).

            All those things are added to the config that you may download from the Community:

            I would be grateful if you could try it and give us the feedback.


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              A Question About Combinations

              Now is it possible to do it so that the link opens on a new page so that I dont lose my place in the forum?