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Controller not detected in reWASD UI

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  • Controller not detected in reWASD UI

    My controller (Dualshock 3) is not detected in the reWASD User Interface but the controller icon is displayed in the taskbar. Additionnally, I have not KB4482887 installed.

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    You connect it via cable, right? Do you have any additional drivers for the controller in the system? Did you use it before with reWASD and then updated an app or Windows or it has never detected in our software?


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      Yes, via cable. As I remember, I have not additional drivers installed for the controller. Also it has never been detected in reWASD (no update), just in the system tray.


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        Thank you for the details. That is quite strange, so we need a bit more information from you to investigate the issue.

        Please do the following:

        1. Disconnect the controller and close reWASD
        2. Run reWASD as Administrator
        3. Go to Preferences (icon at the bottom-right), open them and click Start Log button at the bottom of the opened window
        4. Connect your controller and wait a few moments until it is detected by Windows
        5. Go to Preferences one more time and press Stop Log

        Then please send to our the archive with logs you will get.


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          Problem fixed by updating to 4.1 :confused:


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            Oh, great to know!

            Do you remember which version was installed before?