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Switch Pro Controller Issues

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  • Star-Lord

    You need to map just a single button to just a single one Xbox button. Then, when you apply the config, you will see a message that suggests you hide your physical controller. Click to agree to hide it and then all physical buttons will be remapped to Xbox buttons automatically.
    It looks like this

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  • ShadowSociety
    started a topic Switch Pro Controller Issues

    Switch Pro Controller Issues

    So this is the first program that has allowed me to emulate Xbox 360 controls over bluetooth with my Switch Pro controller which is awesome but there is a catch. I am unable to bind the thumbstick directional inputs to Xbox 360 directional inputs, and this is only for the thumbsticks inputs, I am able to map Xbox 360 thumbstick controls to everyother button except the joy stick.

    Is there a better way to emulate a Xbox 360 controller with a Switch controller?