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Meet reWASD 3.2!

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  • Meet reWASD 3.2!

    Hey there!

    Today, we have amazing news for you! Just a few hours ago, reWASD 3.2 started to roll out. Please Check for updates in Preferences or download the new version from

    So, there are a few things you will be able to do with reWASD 3.2:

    - Swap all stick settings in one click
    - Set custom combinations to switch slots
    - Map DS4 touchpad click to keyboard or mouse
    - Add combos to stick directions
    - Clone configs for the selected game
    - Delete applied config on exit from the associated app
    - Define whether you need to hook controller buttons inside the app
    - Open the folder with configs from Preferences

    Also, we found a few small bugs and fixed them. Here are they:

    - Autodetect works only after you leave the selected app if you were switched to the empty slot before
    - It is impossible to switch to the manually applied config after successful autodetect in some cases
    - Unnecessary default hardware mappings are shown for the paddles if they are used as Shift modifiers

    You are welcome to learn more about the new version in our post or ask any questions here!

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    Thank you for sharing this exciting news about the release of reWASD 3.2!