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reWASD 4.0 brings controller combo!

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  • reWASD 4.0 brings controller combo!

    Hey everyone!

    Are you ready for our Christmas gift? Here it is, new incredibly powerful reWASD 4.0! Please Check for updates in Preferences or Download the new version from

    Which cool things will you be able to do with reWASD 4.0?

    - Assign reWASD mappings to Shortcuts of controller buttons

    Shortcut is a combination of 2, 3 or 4 physical gamepad buttons. Pressed together, they may be assigned to any keyboard key, virtual Xbox 360 button, mouse click or combo. So, now you can add a mapping to A controller button, then add another one to B controller button, and use the third one for A+B! That means you may create 3 unique mappings out of 2 buttons, 7 unique mappings out of 3 buttons and 15 unique mappings out of 4 buttons.

    - Create Gamepad Combo, Turbo & Toggle

    Meet our Virtual Xbox 360 controller! Using its buttons, you can create any controller combo you may imagine. Take a look at the bottom left in the Combo Editor: there are 17 buttons at your service. You can mix them, add pauses, set the duration press, emulate simultaneously or one by one. Once you apply a config with such combos, we will create a Virtual Xbox 360 Controller that is going to execute all your combos or do controller Turbo and Toggle.

    - Remap Nintendo Switch Pro controller

    Yeah, full support for lucky owners of Nintendo Switch Pro All reWASD powers are now available for this gamepad. Joy-Con support is coming soon

    - Map buttons to Print Screen, Pause, Break

    These tricky keyboard keys were not presented in reWASD mapping list in the previous versions. Now, you can use them in combos or as a single mapping and assign to any gamepad button that needs them.

    Also, here is the list of issues that were successfully fixed in the new version:

    - Fixed: It's not possible to map any button to L2 and R2 for DS4
    - Fixed: Keyboard & mouse mappings do not work when UAC confirmation is on
    - Fixed: Ctrl+Alt+Del combo doesnt launch Windows 10 Login screen
    - Fixed: Mouse set to Stick with maximized Vertical and Horizontal axis ranges still works too smoothly
    - Fixed: reWASD Rumble is not working in games that have native haptic feedback

    Have any questions about the new version? Do not hesitate to ask here or send us a message at