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Stick analog to "virtual analog" keyboard key presses

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  • Stick analog to "virtual analog" keyboard key presses


    So in addition to my technical question here:

    I have another stick-related feature request.

    Sticks and triggers provide analog controls, and reWASD currently provides for zones (i.e. low, medium, and high) to be mapped to different keys. In some (mostly older) games, an essentially analog action is achieved through the use of repeated keyboard presses (e.g. increasing throttle with a button by increments). It would be nice if the more generalized key mapping functionality, including things like combinations, turbos, delays, could also be mapped to each of the analog stick zones individually instead of just basic key presses.

    This way, when I press one of my sticks slightly forward, it slowly repeatedly presses the throttle increase key. When I press it farther forward, I could set it so that it presses that key more frequently. In this way, what is essentially analog throttle control is restored through the multi-zone mapping of differential key press speeds on the keyboard.

    It'd be a great feature, but really, it's just applying the same generalization you already have elsewhere in the software to the different throttle zones. If this is already present in the software, please just point me in the right direction.

    Kind regards,


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    We have one idea, and it seems to help you with your case too. It is still in development though. We are going to emulate a kind of key pulsation if the key is mapped to stick. It means that once you move stick slightly, you get, let's say, W-down, some pause, W-down, some pause and so on. If you move stick further, the pauses become smaller.

    It seems to be that it is similar to "analog" key presses and should work for old games. What do you think?

    Still, we will certainly consider the idea to add combos to stick zones and hope to make in possible in future versions


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      Your proposed idea, where the presses are repeated and the duration of pause between presses decreases as the stick is moved farther from the center, is exactly what I need. Yes, that said, the idea of fully generalized mappings on the stick zones seems ultimately like a good goal, but what you're implementing now will be very useful.

      Thanks much!



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        Thank you for the feedback. Stay tuned!
        Don't worry! Be Happy!