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  • Support for "Generic Controllers"

    I made an arcade stick using a zero delay encoder, so I have to use some program to make it work as a Xinput controller. When I tried to use Rewasd, it said that the controller wasn't supported yet and that I should suggest it. But it wouldn't make sense to ask for support for a generic Brazilian pcb for arcade sticks. 👀

    So I'm using XOutput, a program that emulates Xinput devices, to make a virtual x360 controller via Vigem, and then adding this virtual controller to Rewasd. It isn't an elegant solution and I'm most likely adding some unnecessary input delay to my stick with so many translation layers.

    So my request is support for DirectInput devices, other than the PS4 and Switch Controllers, as "Generic Controllers". It could work like Steam Input and X360CE that asks you to map the buttons as if it was a Xbox controller, or like XPadder, that supports unlimited buttons and sticks and you drag and drop them on the UI to correspond to your controller.

    It would help so much in cases where Rewasd doesn't support your controller yet or when you have a weird device that will never have official support.

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    We have this idea in mind, and will definitely do our best to release it sooner.
    However, it is a big task, so I won't promise any exact dates right now. Stay tuned!


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      Do you guys know are the following controllers supported by reWASD or do they connect to PC with some generic drivers?

      Razer Raiju Mobile (bluetooth mode)
      Razer Raiju Ultimate (bluetooth mode)
      Astro C40


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        reWASD supports Razer Raiju Ultimate BT (no extra buttons) and Astro C40.

        Astro C40 may be detected as Xbox 360 with native drivers or as DS4 without them. Still, paddles are not supported. Hope you will get a chance to check it and give us a feedback.

        As for the Razer Raiju Mobile need to check. reWASD has 14 days trial period, so if you have the controller to test - glad to hear your feedback.
        Don't worry! Be Happy!


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          Thank you very much for answering!

          I am currently rocking reWASD with Microsoft Elite Series 2 controller but I've just sent my second Elite controller to repair for sticky buttons and some bluetooth issues. I will hope that I eventually get a working controller but if not, I am going to probably test Razer Raiju. I just need a good controller with paddles and it has to support reWASD.

          What about the Steam Controller? Is that impossible considering future reWASD support?


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            We're planning to add the Steam controller support next release. Paddles are supported for Elite 1, 2 at the moment.
            Don't worry! Be Happy!