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Gyro for PS4 controllers need to be fixed

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  • Gyro for PS4 controllers need to be fixed

    The gyro does not detect small movements, which makes it really difficult when trying to aim. AndI have tried putting the deadzone all the way down it it still takes quite a bit of movement to get the cursor to move. And the movents only seem to register in 4 directions (up, right, left and down). The whole thing just feels very stiff. The steam big picture overlay got it right though it feels nice and smoothe, if rewasd could just make it just like that, it would be awesome. I only use rewasd for Valorant which the steam overlay doesn't work with.

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    Hey there!

    We have reworked our Gyro, and according to our tests, it works much smoother now. We are going to release the new version later this summer, so stay tuned!


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      We have released a new ver. 5.5 where you may check improved gyro functionality. Please, check a new version and send us your feedback. More details regarding the new version this post.

      Thank you in advance.
      Don't worry! Be Happy!