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  • question actually

    I see elliptical dead zones mentioned for controllers, but not for azeron. Is that feature available for the azeron?

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    If you want to emulate a virtual controller on your Azeron, then the virtual stick will be cut in a circle shape, just like for other controllers.
    I hope I understood you correctly.​


    • #3 (Elliptical is shown as a Zone Shape choice) I am wondering if this can be applied to the Azeron stick. Specifically the WASD stick.


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        Yes, you can also choose the virtual stick zone shape in Advanced stick settings. As part of the 7-day free trial period, you can test it.


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          Thank you. I came back to say I realized that I could retry reWASD trial 'cause... new computer.

          The advanced stick settings will solve my problem I think. (Playing Chorus with azeron + mouse, and rolling accidentally is annoying at best.)

          I could get by with just the advanced license, but got the package. Partially as financial punishment, but also because of your timely responses. (I realize I was lucky, and don't expect to always get quick responses I will almost certainly also make use of at least a couple of the other modules as well.


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            unapproved edit: "Partially as financial punishment" for not picking up reWASD the first time I saw it.


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              I am sure that access to the full set of reWASD features cannot be a punishment
              Moreover, buying a full pack at once is much more profitable than “collecting” all the features separately.​