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Feature request - 8 directional movement

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  • Feature request - 8 directional movement

    Hi, I think this is a fantastic product by the way. It does, however, suffer from the same ailment that many previous softwares have suffered and that being that here are only 4 keys directions for the joystick.

    PC and WASD movement is notoriously rigid but people still get by with enjoyable gameplay and no company has desired to R&D a product that allows more degrees of movement because WASD is sufficient, BUT the reason it's sufficient isn't that it provides for cardinal directions of movement, it's that it allows for 8 directions of movement. Each lateral key is combined with each forward/backward key to make a 4th direction.

    Please, if you've gotta heart, I love PC gaming, I hate the keyboard for movement but 4 directions is not enough, there needs to be 8 quadrants of 45 degrees. Gameplay will be fluid and I guarantee people will be happier.

    Thanks for the consideration.

    PS I bought the $20 version this shits so good but 4 movements playing FPS games are making me insane.

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    reWASD combines WASD movements for the diagonals. So, when you move your stick directly up, you get pure "W". If you move it up and left, you get "W"+"A" pressed together. Using the vertical and horizontal axes range, you can adjust the pure and mixed movement. Most PC games doesn't have special keys for the diagonals, so this is a limitation of a game I think.

    We are planning to improve the stick behavior in the future releases and add pulsation to emulate the analog movement of a stick for keyboard mappings. It will reproduce faster keyboard presses while you push your stick to the edge and slower ones when your stick is around the deadzone. I hope this will make them more natural.

    Do you want to add additional mappings for the diagonals? Let's say when you move a stick to left+up, you got "Q" or something like this?


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      Let me try and see again if up and left/right produces a 45 degree angle. That’s what you’re saying it does but I swear it feels like I’m either going forward or I’m going left/right. No in between. Forward feels like it gets a 90 degree angle and when I get past 91 degrees it switches to the next cardinal direction.

      If you were to add a diagonal programmable angle then I could bind the keys myself but from what you’re telling me it’s supposed to already be doing that.

      I think you're right about creating a pulsation gradient to emulate an analog joystick would be the next step.

      I really do wish someone would create a nice left handed joystick so these PC games could benefit from the fluid dynamics of analog movement. It’s so much more precise in movement speed and directions.


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        Would be grateful if you try! To see the axes range setting, go to Advanced settings for the chosen stick. I hope it will allow you to get a bit smoother behavior.


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          Originally Posted by reWASDer View Post
          Would be grateful if you try! To see the axes range setting, go to Advanced settings for the chosen stick. I hope it will allow you to get a bit smoother behavior.

          Changing the size of the angle in the advanced settings were the trick. I increased the size so the lateral movements didn’t take over.


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            Thanks for letting me know! Have the great gaming experience