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FF14 Style Macro for other games

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  • reWASDer

    You do not need to use break in this case, you can just add a combo of F and 1 pressed together (in Hold until release mode).
    Both buttons actually will be pressed but the game will choose the right key in the certain condition.

    Break works in the following way: on first button press, the first mapping will execute; on the second — the next mapping. The more breaks you use in combo, the more taps you need to get back to the first mapping.

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  • pkrisnin
    started a topic FF14 Style Macro for other games

    FF14 Style Macro for other games

    Can break be used to do the following for example if I map F and 1 onto the same button. and marco them like a if-else loop

    If F available activate F otherwise go to 1 all with one button press then it goes back the beginning after the press (F and 1 are conditional buttons that only become active on certain condition).

    This actually saves us button space . For example I can map multiple conditional or cooldown action onto 1 button using logic. I know BNS tires to do this with simple mode but it kind of limited