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  • Continuous playback?

    I'm looking to recreate the functionality that I've been using in Razor's macro software for a couple of years - Toggle continuous macro playback.

    What I want to happen is press a button once to start playing a looped macro and it continue to play until the button is pressed again to turn it off. In Synapse this is very easy to do. You create a single run of the macro you want, then just assign to a button and then say "toggle continuous playback" and that's it.

    Within reWASD I can't quite seem to find the tools I need. The macro editor itself only has finite numbers of macro loops, not an unspecified number of loops until I say stop. The Turbo and Toggle features seem like they might work as the macro I want is just a single spammed keypress, but they are only able to work separately. As far as I can tell I cannot use Toggle to hold down a key, and then have that held down key act like a Turbo key.

    I have fairly bad RSI so both repeatedly manually pressing a key is almost out of the question, and even holding a key down for a long time can be quite painful. Being able to just press once to start and once to stop is much easier on my fingers and wrists. I've had to move to a controller because repeated mouse clicking is out of the question, which is why I can't presently just use Synapse for my inputs. In theory I can just buy Razer's own controller and use their software, but I have a rather nice custom shop Xbox controller that I would like to keep using. And of course reWASD is a lot cheaper than buying a $100+ controller just to get one key that I can toggle rapid fire on.

    Any advice you can give you would be appreciated.


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    You are right, you need Toggle and Combo used together.
    First, create a combination you want to loop using a Combo Editor.
    Second, check Toggle option.

    In this case, not the mapping but a combo will repeat itself while you press the button again.

    Please choose Execute at once mode to enable Toggle.
    If you need something else to be toggled, specify the exact macro sequence so I will try to suggest better steps.

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      Perfect Seriously appreciated.


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        Wish you the best gaming experience then :satisfied: