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right stick as camera in elder scrolls online, I have a question

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  • right stick as camera in elder scrolls online, I have a question

    recently bought this program, previously I had Xpadder, xpadder has an option to change emulation for vertical and horizontal movement speed while using right stick to control camera movement, they have an 'emulation' setting for horizontal and vertical movement speed separately. I am trying to figure out how to reduce the vertical movement speed on the right stick. Typically a lower movement speed for vertical adjustment and faster for horizontal movement is what typically works best, does anyone know how to reduce movement speed for vertical movement, thanks!!!

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    We have a post described how you may adjust speed movement for a mapped mouse - Please check the link and feel free if any questions still remain.
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      do you know how long before you implement the horizontal and vertical speed adjust? I see you say sometime in the future, so was wondering what the timeline was, thanks


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        We are going to release this feature in the next version that is coming in October. But already right now, you can try this workaround:

        Steps are:

        1. First, go to the Stick (let say the Right one) advanced settings, and move all the zones except High zone -
        Make the high zone the only zone that will be on the stick (except deadzone, the grey one).

        2. Shortcuts. As an example, I added right stick up + high zone, add a mapping Mouse Up, Right Stick down + high zone, add a mapping Mouse Down -
        Using the mouse sensitivity (2) and the mouse virtual setting (1) you may set mouse reacting quicker or lower vertically -
        So moving the stick up or down the sensitivity changes when the stick in high zone position (you may set also different zones depending on your needs).

        3. Then add mouse left and right to the right stick in the main config, and you will see "use global mouse sensitivity"-
        Change it to the sensitivity you need, make it bigger so it would react quicker horizontally.