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Issue with virtual Z axis

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  • Issue with virtual Z axis


    The issue with virtual Z axis is that:
    When we use virtual controller we can not make shorter trigger, with physical controller this option works good.
    Additionally, with virtual controller trigger dead zones works partially, with physical controller trigger dead zones works good.

    (Trigger -> Zones -> DeadZone -> Affect Gamepad Hardware)

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    Which controller do you use and which virtual one do you create?
    Could you please share your config?


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      I use Xbox One Elite 1 controller and Virtual Xbox 360.
      But i am trying now also use ordinary Xbox One Controller and Virtal DS4 - and there is the same issue.

      The dead zones work partialy - because it appears that on virtual controller works only internal dead zone, external dead zone do not work. So we can not set short trigger because, for instance - when we press the trigger (about 25 percent) we do not have all the strength of trigger axis Z, because external dead zone on virtual controler do not work.
      For tests trriggers axis i used windows joy.cpl

      Configs of physical and virtual controller:
      - on physical controller all dead zones - work good.
      - on virtual controller, external dead zone - do not work.
      - on the left trigger there is an example of short trigger (external dead zone).
      - on the right trigger there is an example of both dead zones external and internal.

      Click image for larger version

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        Thanks a lot for the detailed explanations. We confirm this issue and will try to fix it in one of the next versions. Sorry for inconvenience.