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  • Star-Lord
    Thank you for your question.

    I think you may enter the following sequences - Not sure about the delay after the Numpad (20 ms, I guess). And to repeat it X times, please set turbo to the mapped button - Please, make sure that RapidFire feature is active (3days trial is available).

    So, it goes A down\up - > 1 sec delay - > A down\up - > 1 sec delay - > Nun button - > set pause.

    Also, please specify about rinse? What did you mean?

    Another variant if you need exact repeats. In this case, you may add a certain number of iteration (like 7 for instance) in the combo directly - In this case, the combo will be triggered 7 times in a row.

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  • FredGarvin
    started a topic FF14 help

    FF14 help

    (X-Box360 on PC) I need a macro that emulates pressing the A button, 1 sec pause, A button, 1 sec pause, Num -, pause 20, rinse and repeat X times. I want to activate this sequence by Hitting M on my KB.