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  • Fortnite double movement


    I'm curious to know if it's possible to setup a key combo or remap using rewasd to gain double movement. I'm playing with xim apex which I already use rewasd for other key combos, but this one I don't seem to be able to make by myself.

    making it simple: Xim apex (I know rewasd can be used but I'm used to this by itself) to emulate a controller but I don't get the controller movement. I wanna make a command to do this for example on PC.

    So basically when I click A I have it remapped with my keyboard own software to click on K so it activates both at the same time which gives me the double movement.

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    Hey there!

    You need a combo set to A which pressed A + K. It is better to choose Hold until release mode for this case. Seems to be something like this:

    Click image for larger version

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      Alright but wouldn't using a keyboard combo interfere with the controller aim assist switching back and forth between both inputs?


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        Originally Posted by randomdude99 View Post
        Alright but wouldn't using a keyboard combo interfere with the controller aim assist switching back and forth between both inputs?
        It will and you won't get the "double movement" effect you're hoping for. Those are the alternative controls, which means you will strafe left if you press either [A] or [K] key. Pressing those together won't double your acceleration or running speed, you'll just run normally.


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          how did you configure your xim to work with rewasd? I'm having trouble, it messes up my sensitivity, it looks like the deadzone is 100 or something. Could you share your settings? Thanks!


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            You want to add combos in reWASD to your config for XIM, right? Then, you need to adjust the combos for the controller, not your mouse and keyboard. Here are the full steps:

            1. Make a config with mappings in Gamepad sub-config (where the image of controller is)
            2. Connect your mouse, keyboard and controller to XIM, connect XIM to PC
            3. reWASD will display Xbox One controller, that's your mouse, keyboard and controller connected to XIM. Pick that device in the lower left corner
            4. Choose the config that you have created for XIM with combos, again, the mappings need to be added to GAMEPAD sub-config, not to Mouse or Keyboard, Mouse and Keyboard are invisible to the system while connected via XIM
            5. Apply the config. Now, let's say, you have added the combo to RT on controller, in the Gamepad sub-config. To execute it, you need to press the keyboard or mouse key that reproduces as RT, let's say it is Left mouse button. So when you press the LMB it must fire the mapping from your reWASD config.