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Mapping Diagonal Joystick?

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  • Mapping Diagonal Joystick?

    First off, you guys are awesome!!!

    You turned my XBox Elite Series 2 into an "all in one" Flight Sim HOTAS that I can use for my laptop while sitting in a Lazy Boy Chair.

    I am using it for XPlane 11 and I have everything I need mapped almost perfectly.

    I have the Left joystick mapped to pitch & roll trim.

    And the left D Pad mapped to saved views out of the aircraft.

    I would like to swap those functions so the joystick switches views and the D Pad controls trim.

    But I need 8 directions mapped, and XPlane only allows combinations (Left + Up, Right + Up, etc) to be mapped to the D Pad, not the joystick.

    I tried to achieve this result with REWASD but it does not allow me to map the Joystick Diagonals (i.e. Left + Up, Right + Up, etc) to a single keyboard button.

    Would you guys be able to modify the Joystick mapping so that when I press it in a diagonal (iLeft + Up, Right + Up, etc) it sends a single letter to the keyboard instead of a combination of 2 letters?

    - Maj D

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    Hi there!

    You can archieve that with [Shortcuts].

    Select [L-Stick High] zone, [L-Stick Up] and [L-Stick Left] for up+left diagonal, map it to the key you want, and do the same for three other directions like this:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Diagonal mappings.png Views:	1 Size:	30.7 KB ID:	221528

    [F1] is just an example. You might also want to add 4 other directions to the shortcuts ([L-High]+[L-Up], [L-Hight]+[L-Down], etc.), so they all will be in the same zone. That way you could use lower zones for something else. You can adjust zones in [Advanced] tab of a left stick.


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      Thank you so much!!!

      That worked perfectly...

      - Maj D


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        Hey guys,
        Just found the answer for a 8-way D-pad :
        I also wanted to create the keycombo to Toggle a Turbo mapping (answer 14).


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          Hi there,

          To make a toggled turbo: to do that you need to create a combo button + pause - > toggle it.

          A button will start pressing and releasing until you press a button again. Here is also use case description.
          Don't worry! Be Happy!