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Multiple Shortcuts from a single "base-button"?

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  • Multiple Shortcuts from a single "base-button"?

    Is it possible to set Shortcuts up in a way that allows you to fire multiple shortcuts while holding down the "triggering" button?

    For example:
    Fire RT+X, RT+Y, RT+B in a row while holding down RT all the time an NOT have repress RT for every single shortcut?

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    Am I right, you want to press RT and get the following sequence: RT+X, RT+Y, RT+B ? If yes, it could be done with a combo:

    Click image for larger version

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    I am not sure if you need any pauses there, I've just added them as separators. Please pay attention to the sequences between pauses: in order two buttons to be pressed together, you need to re-arrange the positions of "presses" (arrow down) and releases (arrow up).

    In order to assign this combination to a trigger, choose the trigger from the back view and go to Key Combo section.


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      Hi, thank you for the quick response.

      Seems like my formulation of the question was a bit murky.

      My problem is: i have mapped different skills in an RPG to "RT+.....", like "RT+X" = Skill 1, "RT+Y" Skill 2 and so on.
      As of now, if i want to fire multiple skills in sequence, i need to release RT after every used shortcut and press it again to fire the next one.
      Is there a way to make it possible to hold down RT and then press like X, Y, B and so on to initiate the corresponding shortcuts WITHOUT releasing and pressing RT AGAIN?


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        Hm, tricky question

        You may achieve this behavior using combos (smaller ones, like RT+X only) + Shift mode, but in this case your trigger won't work as a trigger anymore. Do you use it as a trigger or is it just the think that works in a shortcut? Or maybe there are some in-game actions that require RT to be pressed and held?


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          Thank you a lot

          I think i got it working using Shift mode.


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            Yay, great!