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Held keys between shift mappings

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  • Held keys between shift mappings

    It looks like if you switch a shift mapping while a buttom is being held, the new shifted mapping does not register the key being held.
    You basically need to release and press they key again.
    Note: I have different actions for the same key in each mapping.

    I want to perform the 1st mapped action, and 2nd mapped action once you switch mappings without the need to release and press the action key again.
    Is there a known workaround for this behavior?

    Thank you.

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    Hello there.

    Currently, there are no fix for this. It works kinda same way as pressing the caps lock during holding some button, simply the input will stop (the new one after pressing the caps lock won't register. So if you want to switch the mappings, you need to unpress the key.