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    I have similar problem like here in this post

    I have an UGREEN USB HUB, and rewasd can't detect both MOUSE and KEYBOARD. It only detects "USB HUB 2.0". When i go to the next configuration, it can only work for one device at time. I can't find any Topic about this question.

    I'm using a usb switch to connect mouse and keyboard to two computers. reWASD detects the switch as "USB2 Hub" and I can only select either mouse or keyboard at same time. It is not possible to select particular device. Additionally I have also a gaming keypad connected to the same switch.

    I added the switch (HUB) as a mouse now and tring to add additional keys, but it is annoyng to add all the mapings manually. I want to use keyboard and mouse as a virtual controller. Is there a config ready to use?

    The link from the linked post does not work anymore.



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    Hello there!

    We have a section on the site with configs made by our community. You might find config fitting your case there. If not, you can use our modified [PS4 Remote Play] config as basis. You can also copy&paste the mappings from keyboard tab to additional mouse keys tab. To do that right click on the mapping when no key is selected. You'll still have to add the keys manually though.