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devs - pls Need function to toggle 2 keys in a single press

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  • devs - pls Need function to toggle 2 keys in a single press

    So i really would like to be able to have a single press toggles from "Key 1" and then "key 2" so when i press it once it goes to key 1 and when i press it again key 2, then back to key 1. like a switch. this would be very helpful. having to use the other option is hard in a fast pace game i am playing and need to swtich weapons without having to remember to double press or that nonsense. i tried setting long press to 100 but that still isnt the same a single press which is way less.

    so i hope the dev can help me with this.

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    We have such option — we call it Break in the combo:
    1. Choose the target physical button and go to Key Combo section.
    2. Add Key 1 - Break - Key 2

    Click image for larger version

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    First press will give you 1, and the second press will emulate 2. Third press will start the sequence once again. Also, you can add more keys separated by a break to one physical button.


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      Hey awesome! ... Now i have run into another issue lol. After i have assigned this to my Paddles it still recongizing them as there aliases (A,B,X,Y) how do i stop that? (i tried changing the controlller mapping to Unmapped, but that doesnt help. Do i have to unmap them in the Xbox config as well or doesnt that matter anymore?


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        Good to know that the solution has worked.

        Yes, you need to Unmap the paddles in the native app. Especially if you are using reWASD together with Xbox Elite 2.


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          If you have an Xbox Elite 2, then please, unmap paddles with Xbox Accessories app as well (screenshot). Here, some troubleshooting information (link)
          Don't worry! Be Happy!